International Driver’s License issued by our company is an additional translation tool to aid you while traveling abroad. Along with your state or provinces original driver’s license and International driver’s Permit.

Our International Driver’s License helps to translate your driver’s license information into different languages, closing any language barriers and communication gaps. No matter what country you are from, our translation of your driver’s license means that no matter where you are traveling, our International Driver’s License will assist you in times that matter most and when language is a huge barrier.

The International Driving License is intended to overcome the language barriers that you might encounter while traveling abroad. Eliminate the frustration of the language barrier by simply showing your International Driver’s License.

A direct translation of your original driver’s license, printed in different languages – the six United Nations official languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese) + German & Japanese.

The International Driver’s Permit and Original Driver’s License is mandatory in many countries. Use it along with our International Driver’s License to ease the anxiety of traveling in a foreign country. Check with your travel agent to the rules and regulations of the International Driver’s permit surrounding your place of travel.

Penalties can vary from a fine to a citation. If your caught driving without the International Driver’s Permit and Original License, law enforcement has the option of (1) arresting the driver and taking him/her to jail or (2) giving the driver a citation with a mandatory court appearance.